Commit e0a5ed57 authored by W. Trevor King's avatar W. Trevor King
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Add igor.packed.walk for traversing a packed experiment filesystem.

parent eba8aab5
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ from .struct import Structure as _Structure
from .struct import Field as _Field
from .util import byte_order as _byte_order
from .util import need_to_reorder_bytes as _need_to_reorder_bytes
from .util import _bytes
from .record import RECORD_TYPE as _RECORD_TYPE
from .record.base import UnknownRecord as _UnknownRecord
from .record.base import UnusedRecord as _UnusedRecord
......@@ -181,3 +182,13 @@ def _check_filename(dir_stack, filename):
if filename in cwd:
raise ValueError('collision on name {} in {}'.format(
filename, ':'.join(d for d,cwd in dir_stack)))
def walk(filesystem, callback, dirpath=None):
"""Walk a packed experiment filesystem, operating on each key,value pair.
if dirpath is None:
dirpath = []
for key,value in sorted((_bytes(k),v) for k,v in filesystem.items()):
callback(dirpath, key, value)
if isinstance(value, dict):
walk(filesystem=value, callback=callback, dirpath=dirpath+[key])
......@@ -110,3 +110,19 @@ def checksum(buffer, byte_order, oldcksum, numbytes):
if oldcksum > 2**31:
oldcksum -= 2**31
return oldcksum & 0xffff
def _bytes(obj, encoding='utf-8'):
"""Convert bytes or strings into bytes
>>> _bytes(b'123')
>>> _bytes('123')
if _sys.version_info >= (3,):
if isinstance(obj, bytes):
return obj
return bytes(obj, encoding)
return bytes(obj)
......@@ -1415,6 +1415,21 @@ filesystem:
'angleQ1': <WaveRecord ...>,
'radiusData': <WaveRecord ...>,
'radiusQ1': <WaveRecord ...>}}
walking filesystem:
walk callback on ([], root, {'K0': 0.0,...})
walk callback on (['root'], K0, 0.0)
walk callback on (['root'], K1, 0.0)
walk callback on (['root'], K10, 0.0)
walk callback on (['root'], K9, 0.0)
walk callback on (['root'], Packages, {'PolarGraphs': ...})
walk callback on (['root', 'Packages'], PolarGraphs, {...})
walk callback on (['root', 'Packages', 'PolarGraphs'], V_bottom, 232.0)
walk callback on (['root', 'Packages'], WMDataBase, {...})
walk callback on (['root'], radiusQ1, <WaveRecord ...>)
import os.path
......@@ -1423,6 +1438,7 @@ from pprint import pformat
from igor import LOG
from igor.binarywave import load as loadibw
from igor.packed import load as loadpxp
from igor.packed import walk as _walk
from igor.record.base import TextRecord
from igor.record.folder import FolderStartRecord, FolderEndRecord
from igor.record.variables import VariablesRecord
......@@ -1438,7 +1454,11 @@ def dumpibw(filename):
data = loadibw(path)
def dumppxp(filename):
def walk_callback(dirpath, key, value):
print('walk callback on ({}, {}, {})'.format(
dirpath, key, pformat(value)))
def dumppxp(filename, walk=True):'Testing {}\n'.format(filename))
path = os.path.join(_data_dir, filename)
records,filesystem = loadpxp(path)
......@@ -1456,6 +1476,9 @@ def dumppxp(filename):
if walk:
print('\nwalking filesystem:')
_walk(filesystem, walk_callback)
def pprint(data):
lines = pformat(data).splitlines()
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