Commit b290d098 authored by W. Trevor King's avatar W. Trevor King
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Add -p/--plot option so scripts will plot waves.

parent e0a5ed57
......@@ -27,13 +27,16 @@ from igor.binarywave import load
from igor.script import Script
def run(args):
class WaveScript (Script):
def _run(self, args):
wave = load(args.infile)
numpy.savetxt(args.outfile, wave['wave']['wData'], fmt='%g', delimiter='\t')
args.outfile, wave['wave']['wData'], fmt='%g', delimiter='\t')
self.plot_wave(args, wave)
if args.verbose > 0:
s = Script(description=__doc__)
s._run = run
s = WaveScript(description=__doc__)
......@@ -23,11 +23,14 @@ import pprint
import numpy
from igor.packed import load
from igor.packed import load, walk
from igor.record.wave import WaveRecord
from igor.script import Script
def run(args):
class PackedScript (Script):
def _run(self, args):
self.args = args
records,filesystem = load(args.infile)
if hasattr(args.outfile, 'write'):
f = args.outfile # filename is actually a stream object
......@@ -41,7 +44,13 @@ def run(args):
if args.verbose > 0:
walk(filesystem, self._plot_wave_callback)
s = Script(description=__doc__, filetype='IGOR Packed Experiment (.pxp) file')
s._run = run
def _plot_wave_callback(self, dirpath, key, value):
if isinstance(value, WaveRecord):
self.plot_wave(self.args, value.wave, title=dirpath + [key])
s = PackedScript(
description=__doc__, filetype='IGOR Packed Experiment (.pxp) file')
......@@ -22,6 +22,12 @@ import argparse as _argparse
import logging as _logging
import sys as _sys
import matplotlib as _matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as _matplotlib_pyplot
except ImportError as _matplotlib_import_error:
_matplotlib = None
from . import __version__
from . import LOG as _LOG
......@@ -38,9 +44,13 @@ class Script (object):
'-o', '--outfile', metavar='FILE', default='-',
help='file for ASCII output')
'-p', '--plot', action='store_const', const=True,
help='use Matplotlib to plot any IGOR waves')
'-V', '--verbose', action='count', default=0,
help='increment verbosity')
self._num_plots = 0
def run(self, *args, **kwargs):
args = self.parser.parse_args(*args, **kwargs)
......@@ -52,6 +62,24 @@ class Script (object):
log_level = self.log_levels[min(args.verbose-1, len(self.log_levels)-1)]
def _run(self, args):
raise NotImplementedError()
def plot_wave(self, args, wave, title=None):
if not args.plot:
return # no-op
if not _matplotlib:
raise _matplotlib_import_error
if title is None:
title = wave['wave']['wave_header']['bname']
figure = _matplotlib_pyplot.figure()
axes = figure.add_subplot(1, 1, 1)
axes.plot(wave['wave']['wData'], 'r.')
self._num_plots += 1
def display_plots(self):
if self._num_plots:
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